Pre-treating Preparation and Restorative

Tokuyama Universal Bond is applied to the restorative and the tooth structure in a quick three-step application (mix, apply, air dry). The process/application can be completed in 25 seconds because there is no need to: light-cure, etch (optional), rub into surface, add silane, add metal primers, or add DC activators. Tokuyama Universal Bond enables EsteCem II's chair time to be compatible to SA cements in the market.


Pretreatment of Restorative and Tooth


Air-dry step is the most important:

  1. Weak air (5 seconds) to thin bonding agent to optimal film thickness, prevent splattering & pooling, and start evaporation of solvent.
  2. Ramp up to medium air (5 seconds) to completely evaporate solvent and complete polymerization.

Visual indicators of complete cure: material will turn clear and should not move or appear wet.

Seating Restoration


After application of Tokuyama Universal Bond to preparation and restorative, apply auto-mixed cement paste to the restorative and seat with firm pressure. Proceed to tack cure.


Tack Cure

Light-Cure For Removal:
Light-cure excess cement paste with curing light for 2 to 4 seconds depending on intensity of curing light, see chart below.

Self-Cure For Removal:
Remove the gel state within 1 to 3.5 minutes after seating.


Final Cure

Translucent restorative materials:
Light-cure lingual and buccal margins for 20 seconds each.

Non-translucent restorative materials:
Light-cure lingual and buccal margins for 20 seconds each, have patient apply normal occlusal pressure for 8 minutes.